UPM launches a scholarship programme for young students in Central Uruguay

Press Release 9.10.2019 10:00 EEST

(UPM, Montevideo, 9 October 2019) - UPM is inviting high school students from the central region of ​​Uruguay to participate in the second edition of its scholarship programme to study university careers at UTU or UTEC, the technical public universities of Uruguay.

Careers must be linked to the areas of electrical, instrumentation and automation, chemistry and processes, or mechanical. Scholarships are aimed to students who have completed or are pursuing the last year of high school, mainly from the departments of Durazno and Tacuarembó in the central region of Uruguay.

The programme has been set up in agreement with the local NGO Cardijn Programme based in Tacuarembó city. Its professional team leads the process and is responsible for the evaluation, pre-selection and monitoring of students. In general the criteria for obtaining scholarships are schooling, academic background and the social and economic situation of the students and their families.

Currently students from Paso de los Toros city and the region are coursing taking their first year of university thanks to scholarships obtained in 2018, in the first edition of the programme. This year, UPM will finance 10 scholarships so that more students from the region can continue with their academic training.

Testimonial from fellowship students

Azul (19) from Paso de los Toros city. Studying Chemical Technician in UTU.
During the entire programme we are supported by the Cardijn Programme and UPM. I like it because they are aware of our reality. The team continuously follows our performance, you do not feel pressured but assisted. You can ask whatever you need, they will be there to help you.

Dilan Barboza (23) from Tacuarembó city. Studying Mechatronics Technician in UTEC University.
The scholarship is essential for me to continue my studies and continue to grow as a student and as a person. To those who want to apply, I would recommend being honest, self-confident and show interest in moving forward. The programme is much more than an economic support, there is a human group behind it that makes everything easier.

Agustina (20) from Paso de los Toros city. Studying Chemical Technician in UTU.
The scholarship was very helpful for me and my family. In 2018 I was not studying and having this support was essential. To the new students, I would say take advantage of this opportunity, sign in and think about their future. It is a tremendous experience!

Programa Cardijn

The Cardijn Programme is an NGO founded in Uruguay in 1982 that works in urban, suburban and rural areas generating training projects for labour and citizen inclusion. In addition, research, systematization and information about the unemployment problem and its social consequences are carried out. Its headquarters is in Tacuarembó city and the technical team work nationwide.


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UPM in Uruguay

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Founded in 2006, the UPM Foundation works in coordination with local stakeholders to promote the development of rural communities through education, training and entrepreneurship, fostering a culture of safety and healthy living.

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