UPM Foundation will support seven community development projects in the area of influence of the new pulp mill in Uruguay

Other news 18.8.2020 12:00 EEST

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(UPM, Paso de los Toros, 18 August 2020) – Within the program Initiatives for your community carried out by the UPM Foundation, seven projects from the area of influence of UPM's new Paso de los Toros pulp mill were selected to be developed. All projects aim to make improvements in their communities and promote local development.

Carlos Reyles, Pueblo Centenario and Paso de los Toros will be enhanced with the development of projects that seek to create positive impact through educational, sports, recreational, environmental and health proposals. The initiative was led by Socialab Uruguay, an organization dedicated to development of entrepreneurship. 

The selected projects are:





“Tu espacio, mi espacio”

“Your space, my space”

Improvement of multipurpose space infrastructure used by schools

Paso de los Toros

“Todos por nuestra sede”

“United for our club”

Construction of a new synthetic grass playing field in Club América

Paso de los Toros


Creation of biodigesters to promote the teaching of science in educational centres

Carlos Reyles

“Nos preparamos para trabajar”

“We prepare to work”

Computer training courses

Carlos Reyles

Community square in Parada Sud

Construction of a recreational square

Pueblo Centenario

Equine therapy school

Equipment for classes

Paso de los Toros

“Fortaleciendo redes”

"Strengthening networks"

Creation of an organic urban family and community garden

Paso de los Toros


“We are pleased with the projects that participated in this initiative. In selecting the chosen projects we focused on identifying real needs, considered the impact to be achieved, evaluated the alliances made with organizations in the area and looked for appropriate profiles to lead the project. At the UPM Foundation we understand that local leaders are the ones who know their community best and so they are the ones that we must work alongside to generate positive changes,” said Magdalena Ibáñez, president of the UPM Foundation. 

Projects supported in the area of ​​influence of the new UPM pulp mill will have the opportunity to develop and transform into appropriate and realistic solutions for every community. Details about every project will be provided in future communications.